Wednesday, 5 February 2014

The story of a jacket (Draft2)

Name:Timothy Teo Hong Da


Draft 2(Paragraphing)

            "I know I may be a normal jacket to you but you can't just abandoned me like that!! You would never be able to understand or feel how I felt!" I cried to myself. The story of a jacket actually happens like this...

            I am a normal jacket which had been hanged in a jacket shop for sales and for about 12 years. Those peoples that came in to the shop to buy jackets but I am never going to be the jacket that they are always looking for and the jackets they are looking for is jackets with lots of cool patterns on them but I am just a plain grey and white jacket.

            But on one fateful day, there's a beautiful girl which is about 12 years old came in the shop with some of her friends. I thought to myself that she will definitely not want to buy me because I am very plain and she wouldn't wants me at all. But what I thought was actually different to what happens in reality.

            She took me out from the hanger and brought me to the cashier and bought me. "I can't believe it!! She chosen me." She brought me home and washed me thoroughly and after that she sewed a word 'Winnie' on me. I wondered, is her name Winnie? I am right when I saw the same name on a textbook on top of her study table.

            After that she sewed another name with a heart shape in between her name and another name. The name 'Timothy' was sewed on me and she told me that from today onwards my name will be known as Timothy. On that day I realized that I have actually fell in love with her.

            I finally know why she bought me as her favourite colours are grey and white as almost all the furniture and other stuffs in her room is grey and white. I have spent almost 1 year together with her and she have wore me for about 1 year too.

            But on one day, 28 December, she saw a small hole on my right arm and she told me "Eww... Why is there such a hole on you, you are so disgusting." I was so shocked as her attitudes towards me had changes a lot. On that day, she threw me away into the recycling bins nearby her house.

            I cried terribly everyday and I actually still missed her. But I have made some new friends too in the recycling bin like shirt, pant and blanket and the same tragedy happens to them too like me and they all looks new as well but they were abandoned.

            They cheered me up everyday when they saw me cried and they all tried their best to make me happy and they told me that they all manage to forget the owners and they told me to forget her too. Everyday I spent my time taking to them but I still miss the day we spent together with her. I am waiting for her to comeback to the recycling bin and bring me home and treat me liked how she did last time. I always wanted her but I knows very well that she would actually returned back to look for me.

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